Ground Based Chainsaw

Chainsaws at Work  

All chainsaw use

Chainsaws are potentially dangerous machines which can cause major injury if used by untrained people. Anyone who uses a chainsaw at work should have received adequate training and be competent in using a chainsaw for that type of work.


Use of chainsaws in tree work

The Approved Code of Practice supporting regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98) sets a minimum standard for competence of people using chainsaws in tree work: ‘All workers who use a chainsaw should be competent to do so. Before using a chainsaw to carry out work on or in a tree, a worker should have received appropriate training and obtained a relevant certificate of competence or national competence award.


Land Skills Training and Assessments offer the following ground based training courses that culminate in assessment for Level 2 or 3 Awards.    


Chainsaw Maintenance (replaces CS30.1)


Cross-cut Timber Using a Chainsaw (replaces CS30.2)


Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting (replaces CS30)


Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-Cutting ITA – Domestic / Occasional Users


Refresher Training – Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-Cutting


Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm (replaces CS31)


Refresher Training – Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm


Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm (replaces CS32)


Using a Powered Pole Pruner (replaces CS48)


Dealing with Individual and Multiple Windblown Trees (replaces CS34 & CS35)