City & Guilds Forestry & Arboriculture Level 2 & 3 Qualifications

City & Guilds Approved Centre for footerAlthough training is not compulsory prior to assessment – Land Skills Training & Assessments strongly advise that all candidates attend a course of instruction before the assessment to ensure that they are properly equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources for a successful assessment.  

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Chainsaw Maintenance – Level 2 (replaces CS30.1)

Cross-Cut Timber Using a Chainsaw – Level 2 (replaces CS30.2)

Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-Cutting – Level 2 (replaces CS30)

Felling & Processing Trees up to 380mm – Level 2 (replaces CS31)

Ground Based Chainsaw Operations – Level 2 (replaces CS30/CS31)

Branch Removal & Breakdown of a Crown – Level 2

Safe Use of a Powered Pole Pruners – Level 2 (replaces CS48)

Supporting Colleagues Undertaking Off-Ground Tree Related Operations – Level 2

Severing Uprooted or Windblown Trees using a Chainsaw – Level 3 (replaces CS34 & CS35)

Felling & Processing Trees over 380mm – Level 3 (replaces CS32)

Assisted Fell Operations – Level 3

Preparing & Agreeing Emergency Treework Operations – Level 3

Emergency Treework Operations – Level 3

Felling & Crown Breakdown of Large Trees – Level 3



Accessing a Tree using a Rope & Harness – Level 2 (replaces part CS38)

Tree Climbing & Rescue – Level 2 (replaces CS38)

Safe Use of a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform – Level 3 (replaces CS47)

Aerial Tree Rescue Operations – Level 3 (replaces part CS38)

Aerial Tree Pruning – Level 3 (replaces CS40)

Aerial Cutting of trees with a Chainsaw using Free-Fall Techniques – Level 3 (replaces CS39)

Aerial Tree Rigging – Level 3 (replaces CS41)



Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment – Level 3



Safe Use of Stump Grinders – Level 2

Safe Use of Forestry Clearing Saws – Level 2

Safe Use of Manually Fed Woodchippers – Level 2


There are also a range of Level 2 Awards in Forest Machine Operations – Please contact us if you require further details.