Refresher – Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-Cutting & Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm

Duration:  2 days

Course Dates

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Venue: Dorking, Surrey

Pre-Requisites: Candidates must hold a Certificate of Competence for Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-Cutting (CS30 / 0020-03) and Felling Trees up to 380mm (CS31 / 0020-04) prior to attending this refresher training.

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The Lantra Awards suite of refresher modules covering ground based forestry & arboricultural operations will refresh operators with the appropriate techniques and underpinning knowledge to ensure that they continue to be confident when working within forestry, arboriculture or allied industries.  They will also ensure awareness of current health and safety legislation, and industry good practice keeping individuals up-to-date and skilled.

Course sessions:

  • Workshop safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Site Specific Risk Assessment (SSRA)
  • Chainsaw Maintenance
  • Prepare the chainsaw for use
  • Safe handling of the machine
  • Cross-cut timber
  • Cutting & Felling techniques
  • Transport, Fuelling

Learners successfully completing this course will receive a Lantra Awards E-Certificate of Competence for Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-Cutting and Felling & Processing Trees up to 380mm Refresher.